World of WarCraft

Family Friendly World of WarCraft Raiding

Our group consists of mostly parents and their children with a handful of laid back mature adults who enjoy company and drama free environment.

Anyone who can keep their content family friendly is welcome in the guild. As of right now all members can invite. We don’t foresee this becoming an issue. If it does there are AddOns that can assist if needed. As a last resort it could be moved to trusted members, but that’s very unlikely. We are a group of friends… there are no officers or hierarchy.

We recognize that people have real lives. There is zero attendance or gear/dps requirements. That being said, if you want to raid it’s going to take a few hours a week in game outside of raid night. We use Warcraft Logs, the expectation is that you work to make yourself better each week. Try not to get hit by stuff… Try to hit the boss harder… if you’re not doing that much, what are you doing? LOL