Neltharion’s Lair Keystone Pull Sequence

Drop in in the beginning. Pull the scorpion, the two gators to the left, up to the double snake. Kill all that. Once dead, hop in the water and pull the lone gator onto the doc with the other 3 mobs. Kill and drop down to the boss. Don’t drop until dead or you will bug them.

Kill boss and hop in barrel. Hug the wall to the right and skip the first group. When you successfully skip that first group, you grab the pat, and pull him forward. There is a drummer on an island, and a dude walking a gator around it. You pull all the way to the drum, and grab all that trash along the way burn the drum right away. Use your DPS cooldowns incase the damage dealers in your group aren’t paying attention. Once the drum is dead, focus the gator you picked up with the Pat, and make sure you interrupt him or he’ll ‘freeze’ you or one of your party members.

Once that’s dead you have a group of three. Burn them down and head to the hulk guy. Interrupt his little friend and keep them both from facing the group.

Now go up the ramp and you can pull this room however you want. It’s going to be based on your group. I have one pulled almost the whole room before with the boss. And other times I just pull one group at a time. If you move with a purpose you will multi chest either way.

Kill boss.

Run over the hill and grab the group of three that are sitting next to the snail track. Burn them up and then head to boss #3. (DO NOT PULL GATORS FROM THE POND)

Grab the first group of two, and pull them down to the group of three. Burn the fire geode first, and then nuke any grubs that pop up while burning down this group.

Hop down and grab all the rest of the trash before the boss. Round them up and burn. Might need a cool down. Watch for grubs, those become priority when they pop up.

Kill boss.

Hop down, grab the first two trash mobs and pull them to the right into the group of 3. Burn all five down.

Hope down into the final boss room and grab the group on the left. When mostly dead and healer is okay, grab group on the right.

Kill final boss.

Now- every thing from the ‘barrel game’ boss, to the final boss, is your time crunch. You can make up a butt load of time in here if you lost some in the beginning.