Maw of Souls Keystone Pull Sequence

Maw of Souls is able to be pulled many different ways, the following is my personal preference.

The first pull is important. But the way you handle this will depend on the weekly affixes, the keystone you are working on, and your group composition. The lower your iLvl, the more gently you will want to be.

Enter the dungeon, drop the key. Everyone should be mounted. DPS/Healer needs to stay a good distance behind the tank (10 yards or so to avoid any face agro). The tank should run up the hill, across the bridge, break to the right, up to the really big group, and then back toward the bridge. Once all mobs are in a generally tight group, your tank needs to swipe/stomp/consecrate in order to set the agro on all of these mobs. An intelligent hunter/rogue will really help with this through the use of Misdirection/Tricks. Once the group is mostly dead, go ahead and grab the boss. (You can grab the boss right away with all the trash if you would like, but make sure your group is prepared to use Heroism/Drums, and make sure you healer is prepared to use cooldowns.)

Alright – So the first boss is dead. You’ve clicked the horn and you are inside the boat. Give your group a few seconds to get, and then it’s time for the tank to make his money. What I do is charge in and grab the first two, set agro, and then step into the ‘T’, at which point I grab the three mobs to the right, and the two mobs to the left. I step back into the room before the ‘T’ so the groups stack up semi-nicely and the group can burn them down.

There is a healer in the group to the right, so go ahead and throw a skull on this mob to burn it down first, or at least make sure it is tended to for interrupts.

Time for the dogs and the Mariner. I do this a couple different ways based on affixes and group comp, but my preferred method is as follows:

Grab the Mariner, the big group of dogs, and the three dog patrol that walks around the boat all at once. Your group should stack on top of you so that you can quickly and effectively cleave down the dogs while burning the mariner down. Remember the dogs do not maintain agro the way we want, and the mariner does heavy AoE damage. Your healer will likely be a bit testy if you perform this pull in a 7+ and he doesn’t have his cooldowns.

Once the dogs are dead and the mariner is at 50% or lower, go ahead and grab the big ugly giant. He will spew green nonsense all over the place, dodge it as you kill the two mobs left standing. After they are dead, run up stairs to the next two mobs.

It is important to note two things here. 1) The giant is too big and cannot be pulled up the stairs, you will have to kill him before moving forward. 2) The two mobs at the top of the stairs both cast an interruptible fear. Be sure to interrupt this. I like to mark on mob with a skull, let the DPS focus and kill that while I interrupt the off target and maintain threat.

Now kill the second boss.

The second boss is dead, it’s time to finish the trash on the way to Helya. The first mob you will encounter casts a fear like you say earlier. I typically pull him with the group of three mobs that are standing behind him.

You will be fighting 2x Healers , 1x Screamer (fear), 1x Melee jerk that ghosts out and is just annoying.

The tank should be the only one interrupting the fear, and thats all he should have to worry about. The DPS (and healer if he’s a beast) should make sure the healers are interrupted. ONLY interrupt ‘***** Of Souls’ and ‘Rejuvinating Waters’, the rest is just damage that the tank can mitigate just fine.

Once this group is dead, go ahead and grab the next group of two, and deal with them accordingly. DPS burn and interrupt the healer, tank will hold agro and interrupt the fears.

The next pull is heavy. You will grab the two to the left, the two to the right, AND the mini boss. Stack up in the middle and cleave them all down together. When the big guys do their swinging blade move, just step out of the way and save your healer the headache. Get as many interrupts as possible on the mini boss, to also help out your healer.

IMPORTANT: As long as you kill the 4 big guys, and the mini boss, you will be at 100% of required trash, and you can jump down to helya immediately, leaving anything else left alive. It will not follow you down. (All that should be left alive is the little ghouls.)

Kill Helya, collect loot. Congratulations on your three chests.

Note: During Necrotic and Bolstering weeks, you will want to change these pull patterns. Bolstering and Necrotic really change things up.