Darkheart Thicket Keystone Pull Sequence

This pull pattern is also adjusted based on weekly affixes, and a lot of PUG’s will do things different than I do, but this is my most multi-chested dungeon by far, and the following is how I try to pull it every single time.

1) Drop key. Run down the hill and grab the first group of three. Burn them down before grabbing the second group. If you outgear the key greatly then grab both, but the stuns from the birds, and the leaps from the cats make this double pull very challenging without the appropriate gear.

Once those groups are dead (or mostly dead) go ahead and grab the lone bear. Its best to grab him before the 2x casters pat on top of him, you don’t want them at the same time. Kill the bear, and wait for the pat to make it out to the path, or close to it. Basically you just want them far enough out so you can kill them without grabbing the group on the right.

Once the two casters are dead, hug the wall to the left and grab the 3x group with the hippogryphs. Easy group, they charge all over the place but it’s very manageable, just burn them down.

SKIP: STAY TO THE LEFT – and climb up over the log to the left. Do NOT drop through the hole or you will agro and unnecessary group. Once on top of the log you can hop on top of a platform and wait for the cat/caster pat to be in the middle of the walk way. At this point you want to hop down and kill them without moving too much. You need to be VERY aware at this point, as you have groups on both your left and your right, and you need to avoid both in order to optimize time.

Upon killing this group, mount up and navigate your way down the path to the next pat. Kill them in a location of your choice, but be aware that you do not have to pull the 2x group to the left that isn’t on the path. You will not need them for percentage.

Next is the double bears. When you pull the bears, run through them and put your back to the barrier. What this will do is initiate the ‘RP’ for the first boss. Once he’s done talking the wall will come down so you can pull the boss as soon as the bears are dead, or near dead.

Kill the boss. (I typically tank him against the vine wall that spawns behind him. Be sure to step out of the way of the charge he does in his ‘bear form’.

2) For the following pulls until the second boss, Keepers will be your priority, followed by driads, and then the flowers.

Run down the path and kill the group of three. (Driad and two flowers.) Once that group is dead, it’s time to make it past the only challenging portion of the dungeon. This skip is massive and will be the deciding factor of your multi-chest 99% of the time.

SKIP: There is a large group to the left, one of the mobs (Driad) pats a half-lap around the group. For a few brief moments the driad will step into the group, and OFF of the trail. You need to wait until the driad is in there and off the main path. Once he is off, you have less then 3 seconds to make it. DO NOT try to jump the environment on the right side or you will likely get stuck. Be on your mounts and ready. When the driad steps off the path, run along the right side of the path, all the way to the next pat. Everyone in your party needs to be on par with this skip, or someone will face pull and it’s game over.

Grab the pat of 3, and pull them into the bigger group at the entrance of the next path. FOCUS KEEPERS FIRST, THEN DRIADS. You will have to kite this group around the circle to keep party members (and mobs) from standing in mushrooms. The tank can soak these mushrooms one or two at a time, but they will kill a DPS or healer quick, so be wise when soaking them. They will explode and do AoE damage to those in melee range.

Once that large group is dead and you recover from the chaos, mount up and run down the path. There is a pat of 3 along this path. If they are down at the bottom you can skip them by going onto the rocks to the left and navigating your way through the branches. If they are in your way and you cannot get around them, just grab and kill them. It will be faster than waiting on them.

Mount back up, run down, and grab all of the mobs surrounding the boss. (There should be five.) Once they are stacked up, AoE them down. Try to coordinate AoE stuns with your group, as it will keep them from damaging and fearing your team. They are also able to be interrupted, this is necessary in order to take a load off the healer.

Kill the second boss. Tank/Spank. In a higher level stone, or in situations of low iLvl, you may need to burn cooldowns when he picks you up and squeezes you (tank) but the damage is pretty low until you are in 10+ keys.

3) For the next few trash pulls, be sure to avoid the eggs at all costs. Coming in contact with them will cause dragon whelps to spawn. They don’t do a great deal of damage, but they are annoying and will certainly slow your group down. (Bolstering / Necrotic weeks, they may cause wipes.)

Onward to the next set of trash. There will be a small cluster of blobs, go ahead and gather them up and AoE them down. Be careful not to stand on top of them as they die, they do a rather impressive amount of damage to non-tank party members as they die.

Next is the big elemental. I suggest pulling him back onto land, away from all the eggs. Kill him quickly and avoid the orb that drops down from the sky. If you are in melee range when this orb hits the ground, it will do a great deal of damage and knock you back. (This is a problem if you get knocked into the eggs.) Once the big elemental dies, he breaks down into four smaller elementals. They need to be AoE’d down quickly, or they will reform into a bigger elemental and you will find yourself in an annoying loop.

After killing the first big elemental, get on your mounts. Tank will go first, and the melee will follow behind. (10yds is my rule of thumb.) Once on your mounts, move up the path as far as possible, without face-pulling the blobs. Wait for second big elemental to pat to the left. You will SKIP that elemental in order to optimize time. In order to do this, you will wait for the Ele to pat to the left, once he is towards the shore on the left, ride through both groups of blobs and pull them into the boss room.

Once gathered inside the boss room, burn down the blobs and any whelps you likely picked up. Peek over your shoulder and make sure your group didn’t accidently pull extra. Once everything is dead and you are good to go, grab that boss. I usually tank him where he stands, facing the exit of the room. This gives the DPS and Healer plenty of room to navigate, countering the winds and avoiding the rock fall. Step to the left or right when he casts his Corrupted Breath, it will do a TON of damage in higher keys.

4) You’ve killed the dragon, it’s time to push toward the final boss. Mount up, and run into the log. Drop in and immediately pull the group of 3. You want him separate from the second group, but if they are stacked then take advantage of it and hope your DPS is on their ‘A’ game. Interrupt as many casts as you can, and stun accordingly. IF you have to pull the pat separate from the group, that is fine, just slightly slower. Not a big issue though.

Once the group is almost dead, go ahead and run up to the bats. Your DPS can finish off the imps/demons while you set agro on the bats. As a tank, be prepared to use CD’s if you are in a higher level key, they are nothing crazy, but they’ll wake you up if you aren’t ready.

POSSIBLE SKIP: Once the bats are dead you will move up to the final trash group. This group is often skipped in high level keys through the use of Invisibility Potions. If every member of the group does not have one, just go ahead and burn this group down with AoE.

After that group is dead, you are in the final boss room. Kill him and collect your loot!