Survival Server

Our “Semi-Hardcore” Survival server is actually pretty cool.

You start out with a very basic amount of gear (a wooden sword & shield, a bow & 6 arrows, a wooden axe, and a few apples). Even with that gear it can be pretty tricky to stay alive.

There are 4-5 zones or starting areas, each with a radius of about 600 blocks. Each starting area is dedicated to the group you typically play with.

Upon death, your basic gear is restored and you’re ported to a random location in your zone. This type of world will lead to many abandoned homes & chests throughout the map.

Code of Conduct

Dirt buildings and carved openings in the side of a hill/mountain are fair game, feel free to take what you wish.

We can assume that established structures (stone buildings or areas surrounded by a fence) are where someone is establishing their homestead and are worth returning to, even if a death occurs. Please be respectful of people’s items in these areas.


There is a publicly accessible map that is updated regularly. The map will show every discovered surface block. As well as any structures you or your friends build. This is not real time as it takes considerable CPU resources to render tens of thousands of blocks per pass. If you need the URL ask for it on TeamSpeak.

Server Access


For some reason when you first probe the server it may show as offline or even out of date. Try refreshing the status.

You can also simply ignore that and click “Join Server”.