Beastmaster Hunter WeakAuras

The auras are pretty self-explanatory. They have the same icon as the spell they represent. In this screen clipping you can see the dinosaur; it shows up when you don’t have an active pet (something that is very important for a Beastmaster hunter LOL).

The top row is the rotation, starting from near the hunter and moving outwards in order of importance. Kill command being the most important spell that you’ll want to cast every time it becomes available. Next Dire Beast, and finally A Murder of Crows.

The second row is the cooldowns. Bestial Wrath you want to cast almost every time it’s off cooldown, unless you have a Heroism, Potion or buff coming soon. With only 1.5 minute cooldown you can use it nearly every other pull in a dungeon.

I put defensive cooldowns to the right of the character, in this case the only one I included is the run speed boost for helping you get away from danger quicker.

In my opinion showing all the bulk of the important spells off cooldown is much more effective than something simply telling you what spell to use, because eventually you’ll start to choose different spells in different situations. For the most part, on a boss fight the goal is to keep all the auras off your screen.

One final thing to note, when there are no other spells worth casting AND you have focus to burn, an aura for Cobra Shot will show up. If you are fighting three or more mobs, you’ll want to replace that spell with Multi Shot.
WeakAuras can be downloaded from Curse here.

Place the file in:
(path to your WoW directory)/World of Warcraft/WTF/Account/(Your Account name)/SavedVariables/

Right click and select download or “Save link as…” depending on your browser:

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